04 December 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Growing up, an artificial tree graced our living room while hubby's home always set-up a freshly cut real tree. We have been going back and forth this year with the artificial vs real tree argument with each of us wanting what the other had growing up.

Last year, being our first married Christmas, we indulged in a beautiful real tree but this year we put an end to the debate and purchased an artificial one. Now, I will admit it is a gorgeous tree, however I am missing that fresh pine smell that enveloped our home last year. Maybe we can alternate...one year artificial...one year real? 

Well... no matter what the future may bring for Christmas' to come and in the joy of living in the moment and THIS holiday season.... here is our tree!

We had a helper! Finn made sure the instructions were safe!
Our Mountie Santa given to us by our dear friends.
A replica of our 5 tier chocolate wedding cake. Our one year wedding anniversary ornament. 
Its complete!
Someone doesn't want to help clean up!
Merry Christmas!

Next up...Holiday Baking... stay tuned! 

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