18 November 2011


I absolutely love bargains and really who doesn't? So when I heard about Kraft's Samplicious offer, I had to check it out. I was weary at first because what I didn't want was bite-size samples of random things, but boy was I ever surprised!

Kraft's limited time offer included:

All FULL SIZE items for a whopping total of only $10.45. Now, I needed to really justify these items and whether we would actually use them in this household. After skimming through the list of items I would receive, I decided to go for it. 

The cream cheese, cheese twists and salad dressing alone would be well over the $10.45 and are staples in our household, which made the rest BONUS! I pressed submit and waited for the package to arrive.

22 days later and its arrived! Nothing is more fun than getting large packages in the mail, so it made this promotion just that much more exciting.

I promptly opened the box and it was packed full to the brim. 

Everything was full-sized and they included free coupons for the refrigerated items. I am more than impressed and can't wait to see if they provide another offer like this. Its an absolute steal.... now excuse me while I try out those Chips Ahoy middles.... ;)

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