05 November 2011

Saturday Stuff

Its starting to get chilly around here...very chilly! We haven't seen the white stuff yet, but I know its only a matter of time. 

I haven't posted a "favourites" post in a while and this being a lazy weekend for me, I've been able to collect a few items I'm currently coveting. With winter hovering just around the corner, I've started eyeing a few holiday dresses, winter coats and boots... lots of boots! A girl can never have enough boots...

The Sumptuous Satin Coat
While I absolutely adore this coat, I know its a bit impractical for the price around these parts. It would drape a party dress beautifully but then that would mean I could only wear it once or twice a year which truly wouldn't do it any justice!

Runway Lapel Coat
Perfection... need I say more? The clean and smooth lines of this beauty automatically make a it a closet classic.

Adam Organza Sequin
I almost cried when I saw this sequin dress was nowhere near my price range and then I almost cried even more when I saw that its was no longer available. Sequins and holiday parties go hand in hand and so my search continues for something similar.

From LtoR: Frye Melissa Trapunto, Frye Alex Moccasin, Frye Melissa Button

Ohh be still my heart! Do I need yet another brown boot? No...but I do want more... absolutely! I melt when I hear the word Frye and their new collection makes me jump for joy. They may not exactly 'go' with sequin dresses and gorgeous coats but I am loving them all right now.

These are my current favourites! Hope they inspire your winter fashion search!


Amy said...

One of each, please!

Dana said...

hahaha my thoughts exactly!! ;)

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