03 June 2011


My usual weekly blog post was overtaken by *life* these past few days. Its been such a whirlwind week full of events, that I honestly can't remember much of it and sometimes that's just OK! As much as my body hates how busy I am at times, my mind relishes it. Being focused on certain things is something I always strive for. I like to work and I like having things to work towards.

On that note, I think its only fitting to let you know that we've decided on Kauai for our first ever vacation together in 10 years! Its also our very belated honeymoon and we wanted nothing more than to relax, take things at our pace and enjoy life minus the "busy-ness" of it all.

We've rented a gorgeous beach front home right on the North Shore. We researched resorts but when we totalled the costs, the value just didn't make much sense. We currently live nowhere near an ocean so being ocean-front was an absolute must and the resorts were charging a crazy amount for just a chance view of the water. We knew right away that renting a private home was going to be our best and most cost efficient option. 

So.... here is a preview of what awaits us in only 32 more days... but who's counting?
These seats are waiting for us!
Anini Beach...right outside our door.
The stunning Na Pali Coast. Snorkeling and Sunset dinners.
I'm hoping *life* will slow down a bit so I can enjoy it more and yet at the same time I have so much to look forward to that I don't mind it speeding...that is until we've reached Hawaii! 

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