04 June 2011

Fruity Pebbled

There are very few cereals out there that I enjoy and so I usually make my own granola and have that with skim milk every other morning. However, when it comes to fun sugary cereals, Fruity Pebbles are ranked high on my list and of course are unavailable in Canada but maybe that's a good thing?!

I've been eating through this box for about 4 months now...that should tell you how much cereal I eat and just how much I treasure this variety. I was down to the very last and I decided to make them into Fruity Pebbles Treats aka melted butter, marshmallows and whatever cereal you have handy.

I found these amazingly huge, fluffy and kosher marshmallows the other day and they were absolutely perfect in combination with my Fruity Pebbles.

When added with butter and the Fruity Pebbles... you end up with these colourful and oh-so-good Fruity Pebbles squares.


6monthsto30 said...

Oh man those look horribly sweet but delicious!

Dana @ ThyInspiredBliss said...

6monthsto30...They totally were super sweet but oh so yum!! lol :)

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