22 May 2011

Gimme S'more

This long weekend was the official kick-off for camping season in Canada and well....

I. Don't. Camp.

There... I've said it....its just not my thing. I've tried many a time to enjoy it really but things never seem to work out in my favour.

My Camping Escapades

1.  Two girlfriends and I decided to go camping one weekend on a whim. The only campsite available had electricity...so we brought a blender to make daiquiris of course!! Problem was that we didn't bring enough sleeping bags or blankets and froze all night huddled in the tent! That same trip also taught us to bring something other than alcohol-based body spray to try and light a fire.... it doesn't work anyway but your campsite will smell pretty!

2. Cooking while camping has never turned out well! Once brought potatoes to bake but the fire demolished the potato leaving only ash in its place. Another time we brought bacon and somehow we dropped it only to have it be covered in sand...crispy bacon YES....sandy bacon NO!

3. The Bugs.... OH... the Bugs! Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning after the roughest sleep to see their shadows all over your tent. I once spent half the day in the tent for fear of spider attack.

4. Bathrooms and the lack thereof! Go where? Behind what? I'll just hold it thankyouverymuch!

Don't get me wrong though... I love the outdoors. Hiking is one of my favourite summer activities but living in the outdoors for extended periods of time is just not my idea of fun. 

The one thing I do truly LOVE about the idea of camping is the campfire. I can definitely replicate this in my backyard but there is just something special about being in the middle of the woods with friends roasting marshmallows. Which reminds me of the BEST camping trip I ever had.... one where we visited friends at their campsite, roasted our marshmallows, visited and then drove home to our warm bed! Now THAT is my kind of camping!

In honour of those out there camping this weekend.... I made these amazing S'mores from Lovintheoven. 
Straight from the oven....amazing 
SO GOOD!!!!!
Chewy, warm, delicious and enjoyed in the comfort of my living room!


Lori said...

I'm not going to lie, I love the fact that the camping experience we shared was your BEST ever! Those smores look delicious, I'm going to have to make them sometime. I hope you enjoyed your weekend Dana xoxoxo

Dana said...

It truly was!! lol I loved it and will forever be one of my best memories!! Miss you lots! xoxo

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