15 May 2011

Bascot a la Chocolat

You know when you crave something but you just don't quite know what? That was the feeling I had last night until I remembered these frozen cocoa tea biscuit cookies my mom used to make. The search for what these were actually called was quite interesting.

I must have done numerous searches online until I finally hit the jackpot....Chocolate Salami..... but in reading the recipes, it just didn't seem right. Most, if not all, had eggs or condensed milk...neither of which, I was certain, my mother used in hers when we were growing up. In my search, I also discovered that the origin of these cookies is so diverse. I still am not certain whether they are Brazilian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish or French but since they were made in our home growing up, I'll add Lebanese to the mix!

So I set-out to make them from memory and proceeded to omit the eggs & condensed milk. They turned out almost perfect and I say almost because I decided to wrap them in tin foil as opposed to plastic wrap...note to self...plastic wrap next time!

Bascot a la Chocolat
4 tbs (heaping) of Fry's Cocoa 
3 tbs of sugar
1/2 cup of milk
Sweet tea biscuits - Maria or Leibnez
2 tbs of butter
Plastic wrap

Break the biscuits into fourths and set aside. The amount will depend on whether you want more biscuit in your cake or more chocolate. I tend to like more biscuit. Boil the butter with the milk and then slowly add the sugar and the cocoa. Once its at a smooth consistency, add the broken bits of biscuits into the mixture and toss until thick. You don't want to over-mix as the biscuits will become mushy!
Transfer thick combination onto the plastic wrap and proceed to roll up. When rolled, place in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

Once complete, take it out and slice with a warm knife. In my search, I saw some rolled in icing sugar for that extra salami look... but for me... I like it without. 

These are amazing straight out of the freezer, almost like an ice cream cake...but be warned they are addictive!


sweetpeaskitchen.com said...

Wow! I have never heard of this dessert, but it looks incredible! :D

Vivienne said...

this looks like the perfect afternoon tea snack to have with a cup of tea!!!!!

Dana said...

Thank you both so much! Its so decadent... its absolutely perfect with a cup of tea or even coffee! :)

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