14 May 2011


Hmm... so lets see... two weeks in a row and I'm late in posting my "Friday Favourites"...not the best start! I should have realized that when Friday evening comes around I'm pretty much zonked out from the work week. I suppose I could begin the blog throughout the week but then again who am I kidding... I don't have that much leisurely time! I'll take it week by week!
This week my favourites were inspired by our summer-like weather! I'm getting more and more excited and re-energised as the weather warms up and so here are my favourites this week:

Zara's Spring Collection
Ohh Zara... how I adore thee! I went in today because I was drawn by the bright and bold colours of their new collection. Nothing says Spring/Summer like neon.... or maybe they are actually saying "Hey child of the nineties... this collection is for YOU!" Either way, I fell in love and walked out with these:
Bright blue and everything I could ask for!
So light and flowy!

I also really loved these but of course all the tiny feet sizes were gone so I will remain on the lookout!
Navy Stripes...enough said!
Tim Horton's Iced Cappucino
I was never one for those complicated coffees. I'm the regular cream and sugar type and the only exception I make is for an Iced Cap from Tim Hortons. I do realise though, that even these don't really classify as complicated or fancy in the least, but to me they are the absolute best on a warm spring/summer-like day... like today!
Dance Beats
So what else does a girl need when driving into the city with the sunroof open and the sunshine all-around? An awesome upbeat song! This is the one I am currently obsessed with:
Give Me Everything Tonight - Pitbull, Neyo, Afrojack & Nayer

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