21 March 2011

Dreaming of Sunnier Skies

Its definitely a dream as the weather here has reverted back to what it has been for what seems like an eternity. Its winter - full blast- around these parts and I can't understand why we decided to postpone our long-awaited honeymoon till July. 

To help ease the long wait, I have been religiously researching warm, tropical locations for said-honeymoon only to come to the sad realization that anything warm and tropical in July also means hurricanes. We have therefore eliminated all of our chances for the Caribbean, Mexico and Florida! We have semi-decided on Hawaii but the decision on which island has brought out the indecisiveness in us both!

We've narrowed it down (we think) to the following:



Where's the problem you ask? Yes, they are both stunning and a heck of a lot prettier than what is currently going on outside my window, however they couldn't be any more different. Maui is larger, more commercialized, has more amenities, larger beaches and resorts. Kauai is much smaller, select beaches, fewer amenities and resorts but not as touristy.

The adventurer in me wants to rent a Jeep, drive around Kauai, stay at our own private condo and relax, away from the crowds. However the tired soul in me wants to be catered to at a large resort, wants to shop and eat at restaurants, see the sights and enjoy the crowds.

Which would you choose?

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