20 March 2011

Love is...a Cupcake!

I have eaten many a cupcake before but none so sweet as those from Crave. I have been coveting these lovelies ever since our introduction in Calgary almost 3 years ago and last week I found out that they have finally branched out and opened up a local bakery.

My first attempt at purchasing was a failure...the bakery was sold out within 2 hours and I was sadly too late. That is just how incredible these are! I re-attempted the drive and made sure to get there as early as possible...and I came home with these!

So perfectly wrapped!

Bring a smile to my face every time!

They have all been devoured since and my next goal is to attempt to bake a Crave-like cupcake once my mixer arrives. I am very glad to know though that if they don't work out that I can always just make a small trip into the city and ease my cravings!

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