17 September 2011

Back Up and Running!

Guess what finally arrived in the mail yesterday? You guessed it... my long-awaited camera cord! In the time spent waiting for it to arrive, we have changed seasons out here! I had a whole bunch of summer recipes which I had baked and wanted to post, but it hardly feels right with the cool Fall air outside today and so I've had to change my posting plans.

That said, I have been wanting to challenge myself and change things a bit with this blog. I searched the web looking for blog challenges and all that continued to pop up were photography related endeavours such as "30 Photos in 30 Days"... and well, we all know I'm *not* a photographer nor do I aspire to ever be one. So, I kept coming up with nothing that I could make my own. 

Then one day last week, a friend asked me for my hummus recipe and a few days after that I was asking my mother for a recipe of one of the traditional Lebanese dishes I grew up eating. It hit me... I'm going to challenge myself to cooking or baking one Lebanese dish a week for a month and posting about it, but don't worry, I will not be stopping the baking posts!

I should note that I have only ever made one or two Lebanese meals in my life ( and I don't count hummus or that garlic dip as a meal) and possibly only one dessert, so this challenge should be quite interesting!

I'm going to start this weekend and put up a post with my first "re-creation"! If you have any requests...please send them my way!

In the meantime, how can I leave this post without a pretty photo of something? Well... since its Fall... my newest love and inspiration are my Frye Carmen Harness Tall boots:

There.... how's that for Pretty?

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