20 July 2011

Summer Project

I'm BACK! Hawaii was just absolutely incredible and a much needed break from reality. So, now that life as I know it is back on track, I decided I need to keep busy. My mind tends to freak out when it has nothing to do and so I find projects to keep me going.

My latest obsession with Pinterest has actually given me the courage to step outside of my boundaries and DO something I know nothing about.... distressing and painting furniture. Please pick your jaw up off the floor.... I know... me at Home Depot is an absolutely ridiculous concept ... but I did it!

Upon moving out of my classroom this year, I realized that I need a "home base" for my teaching gear. I immediately seized our home office and decided to make it MINE. My husband has his man room in the basement, so really this was my space. Its currently been used as a storage room with random odds and ends and I wanted to spruce it up and make it my nook.

To start with, I needed a desk. I absolutely love old, beachy, distressed furniture but I don't love their prices. I went online and found someone selling a sturdy wooden desk for a whopping $5 and I was SOLD. I bought it, grabbed some paint and I have been in the garage working away at it ever since.

Here it is in all of its ugly glory:

It has SO much potential...
Now you just need to stay tuned for its beautiful makeover! 

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