17 April 2011

Let's Eat...CAKE

Who doesn't love cake for breakfast? If I could have anything for breakfast...it would definitely have to be cake. However, when I decided to bake this cake it wasn't even remotely close to breakfast time! I baked it Saturday evening but I just couldn't wait and I figured Sunday morning would be here eventually! ;)

Now it wasn't smooth sailing while trying to bake this... I somehow managed to set the stove on fire and in my frazzled state decided to make it into a bunt cake. Now how did I manage to almost burn down my kitchen and make a crumb cake into a bunt cake? I will blame it on my eagerness to have a few slices!

We don't have a microwave in our home *GASP*... and I don't think we ever will, however while trying to melt the butter while making the batter.... the butter dripped onto the stove and ignited! AAAAH.... luckily my husband came to the rescue and I continued my baking merrily. Then came the decision of which pan... and the original recipe called for a muffin pan, but I'm cupcake-ed & muffin-ed out and so for some reason my bunt pan called out to me. It wasn't until the cake was done baking that I realized my error.... its a crumb cake and therefore would be ruined if it's turned over as one would with a bunt cake.... Nonetheless... the incredible smell of warm vanilla and blueberries with a hint of lemon made it all better... and I just cut a slice directly from the pan ;)

The yummy recipe was adapted from the talented What's Gaby Cooking.

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