06 April 2011

It's HERE!!

It truly felt like Christmas morning when I tore into the box holding my new mixer!! I marvel at how the smallest things can always bring the hugest smile to my face. I have been eyeing the KitchenAid mixers for as long as I could remember and I spent endless hours researching just the perfect one.

So when the moment was finally at hand... I didn't waste a precious second placing it on our counter top and of course breaking it in.

You would think that the very first thing I would choose to make with it would have been some form of gourmet or complicated dessert....but nope...soft and chewy PRETZELS! I have virtually no arm muscles to speak of and what better way to get a real feel for its abilities then to have it knead the dough for me?

I must say....it was quite an odd feeling to just stand there and watch it do all the work. That is not something I'm used to in the least and in a strange way... I started to miss "the work" associated with baking from scratch but after a few melancholy seconds, I quickly realised what a wonderful and beautiful creation this thing is!!

So... here it is...in all its glory along with the yummy pretzels!

KitchenAid Professional Standmixer
Its a perfect addition!
These were incredible straight from the oven!


tasteofbeirut said...

Incredible, chewy, golden, irresistible! I have yet to make pretzels but this photo is so inspiring. Maybe soon! Congrats on the new appliance.

Dana said...

Thank you so very much!! :) They were incredibly yummy.... I have a weakness for breads! I say definitely go for it and bake some! :)

Vivienne said...

hahaha wow! :) congrats on your new toy. i recently received a kitchenaid as well...it's green tho! it sure was strange it stand back and not holding a hand mixer anymore! looking fwd to see what else you make with this new toy! i find that i don't use it very often these days...not sure what to use it with. altho id love to get the ice cream making extention too! ;)

Zoe said...

Congrats with your KA. I got a silver metallic one just last week and I'm in love with it. Your pretzels look delicious and hope to see more of your delicious cooking and baking with your new KA :D

Dana said...

Thank you Vivienne!! Green would be an awesome colour to have.... some days I wish our kitchen decor was green! :) The ice cream attachment is going to be my next new toy!! I can't wait!!

Thanks so much Zoe!! Aren't they the best?? What are you making with yours? I just can't stop coming up with baking ideas just to use it! lol :)

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